a chat with me

essentially love is the practice of existing beyond the conscious reality of discirmantion and hating it to protect conscious and awareness of lesser beings or those we consider to be in a lower class by sex or gender breed or race thought or political belief or any dispositoin that exist within society that is niether controlled nor founded by people outside of that group of people who are determining it’s value

a more tribal sense of being

the most disturbing thing in the world is to sit andtalk with somebody whose so empathetic that they begin to believe because they can put them selves in another person’s shoes that they have actually traded places and become what one would become if the ever became what they were deep down inside a monster with no remorse or care in the world except maybe what they would get from the deal in the end multiply customer satisfaction and military expansion with the imperial code of a nation gone wrong is this what happens when brown people reverse roles with white people it’s a mystery to me why they don’t tip

a world sort of centered around the sun

a hard way to grow up is to see things one sided and then to have the world slap you in the face for the first second and third time telling you what it is or that being slang translated to the way things are and discovering for the first time in history or your own history that you are not the center of the universe because the universe is perfectly centered around the sun

a deep thought

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an indecent proposal

she asks me why i’m so lonely and I answer because you’ve never been here before and i see through her bra and wonder not how easy it is to be with a women this beautiful but why and how do i desire this and the answer is quiet simply I do not 

a sort of lovely conundrum

she an i are not the same but whose to blame her or i neither but both feel commited to finding the truth the message that is that resides in youth that we weill never pariesh but only have so long to live that none will suffer but life is full of pain and suffering ironic and so we progress to some degree or anotehr to cause pain to each other because we are so profoundly greateful the other exist that we’re afraid of losing one another

a farewell kiss

the experience of falling in love is a troublesome one because most people only fall and other people aren’t there to help them back up so we end up spending our entire lives picking ourselves back up and blaming other people for not being there to help us back up when it was us who fell down in the first place, nobody else’s fault

a terrible fate at hand

two things occur when you love someone the way I do you fall flat on your face and apologize or you become so enamored with being right that you forget what matters most your lover and you face the temptation of becoming a monster and regretting every single decisions you’ve ever made because you once believed in class and structure and were thrown into world to find the rich and powerful weak and needy

a perfect moment to chase after the american dream

the less problems I have now with my background or race the better it is for kids around the world who in the future are forced to admit to Sussex and failures they otherwise didn’t achieve by blood or race and race determines for people who say it counts the parameter via which your voice travels and how far and wide it reaches the human mind and conscious for what surely has to be an intellectual experience as well as a deep one of emotional angst and frustration being released from society but the truth is social revolutions happen all the time it’s only when they spill blood does the western world take the time to judged and determine whether or not an african american is a human rights activist or an unpatriotic american terroristic actor in the play of life that mainly revolves around those who know their free and have to escape enslavement and those who take from other people and are pirates and respond well to words and even better to money

a majestic moment

there’s a new category in my heart called taken and gone with the wind and my hair and skin feels so free that right now I swear I’m a bird and I’ve taken flight but let me remind you that with every high there is a low and that comes as a price for what I assume is simply a variety of experiences come together as one 

a world of contradiction

the rules don’t apply to those that make them for their own benefit if you think about it but that’s not true the rules are made for them because they thought of it and bout it and for you to follow it in the first place everything around you was once a dream or a thought and now it’s reality whose reality or dream are you living in whose world have you consumed whose body have you decided yours should look like and eventually become who are you 

a world without heroes

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a day in the life

in so many words I’ve discovered the path to righteousness it’s not doing right without doing wrong it’s understanding that either way the meaning of life has little to do with chores and more to do with life an existential way of seeing things in a brand new world a different kind of thinking

a beautiful thing

the problem is only you if you want it to be and nobody else can tell you that they have to pretend that they see an abuser or a enabler whose making your life hell but it’s you it’s you it’s always you and if you escape the world then it will still be you you alone you in love you in hate and you in freedom trying to pursue your dreams with or without regret that may or may not a cause an eruption of thought that manifest as change from the stereotypical disposition towards life and the world to come but you you are greater than thought you are ambitious and intelligent full of hope and freedom careful to do and say the right thing and never off about anything other than your value

a meteor of change

she took me under her wing and taught me how to fly but only so she could show her friends how embarrassed I’d become at the sight of what was surely now my beginning and my end the valued experience I need to graduate from failure to success in the eyes of the women I love