the mixture of all

It’s my fault for saying I love you and your fault for saying you cared and everybody else’s for trying to keep us together instead of letting us split or break apart and never see each other again for which we surely would be could be and should be grateful the wellspring of common ungratefuls hoping to make up their union as something more pleasurable than change or magnetic attraction to the pulse of a beat we call joining the circus and becoming the nightmare we fear to be delivered of the manifest of what really happens to matter at all

The Space Time

guys, when I hit like it means I read the poem, that being said, I’ll continue reading what you’ve got as long as the like column keeps working, that way there’s always a connection from me to you for all of those who are following or hope to get noticed through my blog and don’t have the ability to use my ask column, which was taken down because if I respond it gives me the option to have it go public, I prefer my fanmail, no offense to the many poets who need to reach me, yes many poets who need to reach me, because 90 percent of my followers are always either poets or some how connected to the tagged titled “Spilled Ink.” and that’s all I have to say for now, but thanks for looking out or checking on my blog from time to time, in a short amount of time over the next two months I’ll release my first book series titled “The Space Time” this will be the first time I’ve released a poetry book series as a whole instead of small indie or non major publisher works to the public for major review, though not my first time publishing using the internet publishers such as “Lulu” and “Createspace” that being said on July 1st, my first official release “The Space Time” will be released for an expensive “29.99” both digital and physical but all three books along with my next series “The Beauty In Her Eyes” a seven part book series will be released before the end of this year, at the start of next year in the month of February I will be releasing a compilation set or a one in all book called “The Heartbreak” this book with have a total of ten combined books as a whole in one book then I will make my series affordable by selling to you and anyone who’d like to buy them online as a exclusive amazon kindle direct book title for ten percent of what a regular book cost digital or physical in short by next year you will have ten books worth of material to buy under my pen name “Samuel Luscious Ellington” and of the ten all will be available for purchase at ten percent of the regular price, three dollars, thanks for being a fan and if you’ve like to spend three hundred for versus three, go on ahead, my bank account would surely appreciate it, but for the reader out there the listener the hearer the human being this will be a way for you to afford my series or series’ at an extremely cheap rate that keeps you in the loop on my work as an author, thanks ! ! !

the human race

It’s a nightmare I’ve had since I was child that there’d be some sort of reckoning and destruction in my life to devastating to coup with a manifestation of evil so greater that the power of this world finds it all too much to handle and therefore gives up on the notion of a peaceful world in which ones’s color or skin. Doesn’t matter as much as one’s brain or brain matter meaning the thoughts of which one’s thinking and the meaning and intent with which one thinks it to become a great avenger to the cause of my religion which love and my fear or greatest weakness which is hate